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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Home Remedies to Condition Hair

Hey Dolls,

On almost all posts , maximum compliments I get us for my hair and I love it.

I have told you guys so many times that I really LOVE my hair and I try my best to keep them healthy , shiny and soft.

Today I am going to share another remedy that I do to condition my hair and prevent hair fall.

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I use egg. I am sure a lot of you already know about this remedy but I though I 'll still share how I use it.

The way you use egg depends upon your hair type:

For Oily Hair :  Use only egg whites 

For Dry and Brittle Hair : Use only egg yolks 

For Normal Hair : Use entire egg as conditioner. 

I have oily scalp and a bit dry tips so I use only egg whites. As I have quite long hair I need 2-3 egg whites.

This is how I use it :

1) Apply enough moisture to coat your scalp and hair.

2) Keep it on for 30-45 minutes.

3) Rinse very well with water and then shampoo.

I try to apply egg every 3-4 weeks ( at least once a month) .

Benefits if applying eggs:

1) Makes Hair Shinny
2) Makes hair Smooth
3) Reduces Hair Fall
4) Reduces split ends
5) Makes hair Thick
 6) Washes off Dandruff

If you are really sensitive to smell of the egg ( my mum is , she just cannot take it) then add a few drops of line juice and this will solve your problem. 

Also if you are afraid that your hair will stink even after washing then adding lime juice to egg will solve that problem too.

This is something which I have been doing from ages, like from the time I remember. It works like magic. Its the best hair conditioner I have ever used. Its full of protein which is excellent for hair.

If you use a lot if heat and products on your hair , then egg pack us a must.

Your hair deserve this much Love and Care , right .. :)

Hope this was helpful.

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Pooja Mittal


  1. I hate having to wash it off lol, I'll try to use juice next time I try this as I'm sensitive to the smell like your mum :), xoxo.

    1. Interesting!

      Kisses from
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  2. i've tried another recipe before that has eggs, honey and olive oil in it
    and it really made my hair smoother but i've never tried it with egg only!
    i think i'm gonna give it a try! thanks for posting!
    xoxo Rose


  3. This is an interesting idea! I do want my hair to be more conditioned, but the idea of putting egg in my hairs kind of grosses me out!

  4. I used to apply eggs on my hair but washing it can mess up my bathrooms. While its a wonderful remedy, I usually prefer to treat my hair in the salon.

  5. Thanks dear, of course I'll join your giveaway :)
    And thanks for that amazing advices!

  6. Very good advice! Thanks for sharing:) I'd love to try this recipe!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Another one that I absolutely must try. It is always great to see your posts.

  9. Great post about using egg as a conditioner Pooja :)

  10. devo assolutamente provarci!!

  11. Great info to know and have! You do have beautiful hair!

  12. Nice remedy for having a nice hair


  13. I never ude egg directly but had use products that contains eggs. Great hair care tip.

  14. I also do it dear once it while, but may be I should do it regularly, nice info...

  15. I usually go for masks like Tresemme, they work for me x

  16. Yeah I want to use eggs for my hair if the stingy smell is not there :( Nice tip dear

  17. Nice remedy..but I can't stand the smell :)

  18. I have heard eggs are excellent for the hair but I have never tried it myself.

  19. Great recipe. My mum gave my ine like that. it´s work´s

  20. Nice remedy for having a great hair..

  21. wonderful tip :) xoxo Babsi

  22. Wow! Excellent home remedies... I'm soo trying this Pooja :-)

  23. I will try the egg yolks, because my hair to danger :(
    I have a question, I use the egg yolks only the hair or until the skin of my head?
    Thank yo so much, I will help me!

    Chic Swank

  24. If there is a thing I always admire is your hair, it is so marvelous and long, truly love it. Need to try your tip. Kisses Pooja, have a great week ahead! xo

  25. Well, you're the proof that it actually works! ;)

  26. great post ! will try :) would you like to follow each other :) xx

  27. I'm all about the home remedies ;)
    xo TJ

  28. i mix one egg yolk, 2 table spoon oil (any oil that i have), 1 table spoon yogurt and lemon juice, mix them up and apply on hair. (i have very short hair now,just like my avatar lol, so this much mixture is enough for me). i leave till it gets dry and then wash with shampoo. i do it once a month but it is recommended to use it once a week to give more astonishing results...
    thanks for the wonderful post. :)xx

    Sadia Malik's Blog

  29. I use eggs also very often, just a bit different. I put egg whites on my scalp, and yolks on my ends because they are very dry, so this works better for me.
    Visit my blog:

  30. I've never tried egg on hair but I've used it on my face and skin. I mix it with olive oil and honey to treat my dry skin. My favourite for hair has to be coconut oil and I add lemon/lime for dandruff. Coincidentally, my latest post is about Hair as well, it's a Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair

  31. Even i wanted to try egg mask but I was scared that I will end up with stinky head, I will try adding lime juice and apply it.

  32. Very interesting.
    I have a lot of hairloss, so I will try this soon.


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