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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Benefits of Mangoes

Hey sweeties,

It's mango season here in India and I am loving it to the fullest, eating atleast 2 mango's every day .

I am so in love with this king of fruits, still me and my brother fight over eating the biggest mango. 

I have heard a lot of myths about mango's .
So I thought I will discuss some health, skin and hair benefits  mango's.

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Lets start with Health Benefits of Mango's : People think eating mango will ake them very fat and stuff like that but do you know how good it is for health .

1) It contains vitamin A and Retinol which improves eye sight .

2) It is high in vitamin C and fiber which brings down cholesterol .

3) As it is rich in fiber , it increases the metabolic rate and helps in cutting down excess stomach flab. So its very good for people who want to diet.

4) They Prevent breast cancer , prostate cancer and colon cancer.

5) It Helps boot immunity .

6) It is rich in anti - oxidants so prevent occurrence of acne .

7) They Increase Fertility.

8) Mango's prevent strokes.

Skin Benefits of mango : Eating and directly applying mango has various skin benefits .

1) Mango's have the ability to make you skin glow .

2) They have various anti aging benefits as they are rich in vitamin C

3) Mangoes are very helpful for reducing dark spots and discoloration .

4) mangoes can be used to remove black heads.

5) Mango's are very good skin cleansers and excellent to exfoliate .

6) Washing face with mango pulp is excellent for sensitive skin people.

Hair Benefits of mango : Apart from so many skin and hair benefits mango's are very good for hair too:

1) Mango can be used as hair conditioner and they will make your hair very soft.

2) They help get rid of dandruff as well.

So guys , as you see mango's have so many benigits, dont be afraid of getting fat or breaking out , just enjoy them.

A little tip , always soak the mango's in water for about 30- 45 minutes before consuming. Soaking them is the first thing I do before popping them into the fridge.
This will take the extra heat out of the mango's and there will be no chance of breaking out .

Hope this was helpful.

Do read my DIY Mango Cleanser on my other blog , Indian Beauty Diary .

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  1. The flavor alone is exceptional and to know this, is delightful. Thanks for sharing Pooja.

    Sweet GIVEAWAY on my blog too :))!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!
    These benefits are great! :)

    Seli <3

  3. I don't understand why people avoid certain kinds of food just because they have a lot of calories...what is important is to have a well balanced diet...the amount of food one eats is just as important as the type...anyhow, I can't see how someone can think that you can get fat by eating mango:) the idea itself is quite funny! I do love mango but here it is quite expensive so I don't buy it very often.

  4. I love love mangoes,at the moment they are out of season here ,but when we have them i can eat like 5 a day that maybe a little too much.
    Thats for sharing this post

  5. I love mangoes and im very happy that here in our country, its the mango season here :)

    JOin my GIVEAWAY here ;)
    Visit my blog:

  6. i love mangoes =)

  7. Nice review - very helpful!
    Thx for sharing..:-)

  8. I don't think I've eaten a mango in 8 years. I don't know why. They are definitely yummy. Might try and put one in a fruit salad very soon :) Molly Louise Blogs

  9. A delicious fruit with a lot of proprieties!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  10. So I should eat a lot of amngos, my skin is sooooooo gray!

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely tips, Mangos are very healthy thats true, my Granny says the same.

    Keep in Touch Anni

  12. I'm in love with these fruits too))) It smells delicious))
    Great post dear.Thanks for sharing))

  13. I really love mango! Great ideas Pooja! :D

  14. We don't have real mangoes in here, all what can be bought is green and not really sweet. But I would love to taste real mango, I'm sure this fruit is very useful for health and more than tasty:) Thank you for sharing)

  15. The best mangoes I've tasted are definitely from India. We get them but slightly pricey. That's quite a sharing on mangoes and uses for skin. Surely will give go for its nutrients and fruity goodness.

  16. It has so many benefits and it´s so tasteful. Great fruit for summer days. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  17. I love mangoes too and I eat a lot of them in my smoothies. I would love to know more about the mangoe air conditioner! COuld you tell me how you make it or make a post on this :)?
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  18. Ummm sounds nice and tropical!!


  19. amo il mango e tutti frutti tropicali!!!! non posso farne a meno!!

  20. I love Mangoes. Check out my new post if possible!


  21. looks cool!

  22. i love mangoes already and this just made me love it even more x

  23. No I know for sure I eat much to less Mangos - and one more secret of your beauty <3 Thanks for sharing this important information!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  24. I love mangos! I haven't eaten one since last summer, so it's about time I savored one! So delicious!

  25. I LOVE mangos, such a lovely flavour but very awkward to cut!

    Corinne x

  26. Really interesting post! ^^

    Kisses! ❤️

  27. I like mangoes but I should definitely eat more! :P Great post, I always learn something new thanks to you! :)

  28. Mangos! really nice and col benefits ;)
    thanks for your comment, i hope you are continium loving the idea of the underground shooting... haha
    see u soon dear and keep in touch!

  29. wow! great facts about mangoes benefits... soaking mangoes sounds cool. will follow it

  30. I love mangoes, the only this which makes summer bearable.

    Keep in touch,


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