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Monday, June 3, 2019

How to refresh your makeup collection

If you’ve been using the same makeup routine for a while then it’s probably time for a refresh. No doubt you update your wardrobe with the seasons, replacing old t-shirts and investing in that new statement piece. Your makeup should be no exception to this. Updating your collection is easy and will keep you looking fresh and flawless.

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Have a clear out
That special occasion lipstick you’ve had for years? It needs to go. You may be surprised to learn that makeup actually has a shelf life. Makeup can harbour bacteria and using it beyond its shelf life can actually be harmful, particularly with liquids or anything used around the eyes. This is also the time to get rid of anything that’s broken. A cracked powder of any kind will leave clumps during application making it difficult to blend, and as for your mushy lipstick - I think that one speaks for itself!

Invest in application tools 
Applying your makeup in the correct way can work wonders for your look, whereas using the wrong tools can leave your makeup looking cakey with harsh unblended lines. There are many different types of brushes available, each specially designed for use on a specific part of the face. You can invest in individual items to suit the look you want to create. Alternatively, makeup brushes are often available as a set.

For flawless looking skin, you’re going to need a good primer. Available as a gel, cream or powder, primers create a base for the foundation, enabling smoother application and a longer lasting look. There are different primers available, based on whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of the two. Try out some tester products to find the right one for you. When it comes to foundation, the perfect match is key. Test a small amount of foundation on your neck to match to your skin tone and type. Some stores also offer a free matchmaking service, so be sure to take advantage of these where you can.

Add some colour
When adding colour to your look, palettes are perfect to include in your makeup collection. Providing a variety of blendable tones, eyeshadow palettes allow you to create a subtle everyday look and add darker, complementary tones later for an evening out. Choose palettes with both matte and shimmery tones for diversity and colours that will enhance your features without washing you out. When thinking of lipsticks choose some neutral tones in addition to a few bold colours, again bearing in mind your skin tone. It is important to use a blusher but don’t overdo it. Choose a more natural tone so that you can emphasise other features of your look.

Choose cruelty-free products
Ethically produced makeup products are more popular and more easily accessed than ever. No longer an expensive alternative, many brands are now actively promoting cruelty-free products. In fact, a recent study found as many as 36% of women only bought from brands whose products were ethically produced. Keep an eye out for the Leaping Bunny logo, as this certification ensures products have been produced cruelty-free.


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