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Monday, March 9, 2020

Pre Holi Tips to Protect hair and Skin

Hey Guys,

I am that I write this a lot of you are getting ready to play Hili tomorrow and why not, after all, this is the only chance to go all out with colors. But before you go out to slather others and yourself in all the bright colors here are a few tips to protect your hair and skin from Holi colors.

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1) Lather yourself with Oil: As our mum's use to say, there is nothing better than using cold-pressed coconut oil before leaving the house on Holi day. Massage full body and hair with coconut oil. If you have acne-prone skin then skin coconut oil on face and use tea-tree oil on the face instead.

2) Apply Nailpaint: While playing Holi, colors stain our nails. The best way to avoid the issue is by applying dark nail paint. If nail paint is in place, colors don't reach the nail bed and hence nails are safe.

3) Use Vaseline on Nails: After playing Holi, the only thing that irritates is colored cuticles. Apply some vaseline on cuticles to avoid the issue.

4) Don't forget your sunscreen: Playing Holi means being out in sun for 3-4 hours, apply waterproof sunscreen on all the exposed areas.

5) Sunscreen is a must: Eyes are the most senstive oragn and we need to protect them from all and any kind of chemicals and colors, so make sure you have sunglasses on at all times.

6) Use Ice Cubes for pores: Last but most importantly use some ice and rub it on the skin to close your pores as the first step of prepping the skin and then apply oil of your choice.

SO these are some simple and easy ways to protect skin and hair from Holi colors.
And now that you know how to prepare for Holi, have fun and enjoy the festival of colors.

Happy Holi!


  1. Happy Holi 🌈🌈🌈🌈
    Main to holi nahi khelti per aapki tips bahut useful hain 😍😍


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