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Friday, March 20, 2020

Groceries haul-Preparing for Pandemic or Not

Hi Guys,

The world is going through Pandemic and it would be a lie if I say that I am not tensed. But there is a difference between being tensed and creating panic. So first of all, stop worrying, keep calm and pray for yourself, people around you and the entire world. As we all know, it is not safe to go out, to the store every day, it is best to stalk up for a week to 10 days so that you can avoid going out.

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This does not mean that one buys the bulk of anything, just enough for you and your family for a few days.
Here are my Groceries haul:

Hope this was helpful. Do stalk up on your daily needs but not hoard in bulk. remember, everybody needs to feed their family.

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