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Saturday, January 23, 2021


 Hi Guys,

It's a new year, 2021 and I decided to free myself of all the extra things laying all around my house and my gadgets that don't need or don't use.

I have been thinking of purging my closet for a really long time now. The number of clothes that I was seeing all around was so overwhelming and laying heavy on my soul. I finally decided to go ahead and start the long process of decluttering with the longest and the most difficult declutter, my clothes.

So here is my clothing declutter, it took me so long time as I worked in small bits and finally got done with Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and her KonMari Method.

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As you can see in the video linked below, I have 3 clothes closet with some hanging spaces, some shelves and a lot of drawers. I had all three of them completely stuffed with god knows what. 
When I realised that I was wearing just 2-3 outfits, could not find a thing and stared getting boring when it came to dressing, I tough, wow, whats the point of having all these clohes!

I questioned myself and the answer was decluttering, donating and organising.
As I wanted to do it in small bites, I decided not to pull out everything in one go, went category by category and it took me a really long time.

I did ask myself if I would wear a certain item, is it worth keeping or passing on and it helped. I did ended up passing on a lot and arranged my tops and bottoms in my top 3 drawes.

As the video was very long, I decided to split it into two parts.

Hope you enjoy the process of decluttering my closet and trying konmari meathod.


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