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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Foods To Avoid In Summer

Hey Butterflies,

The sun has at it best and Delhi has converted into a oven. Its time that we take good care of our health, skin and hair. You can check out my Summer Skincare Tips on my beauty blog and now its time for Summer Foods to avoid to keep fit.
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Summer is the time when we all like to go out, part and have fun. But to do all this its very important to keep healthy and fit. I have already written about 10 Superfood To Beat The Heat and 10 Food to Help you Stay hydrated in summer and here are Foods to avoid in Summer.

1. Tea and Coffee- These beverages increase heat in body and increase body's water excretion.

2. High Protein Foods- Protein is very hard to digest. It takes a lot of molecules and enzymes to transfer protein into something that body can use.

3. Oily Junk Food- When body is already too tiered because of heat, you don't need to overburden your digestive system by eating fried food,patties and meats.

4. Too much Spice- Spicy food heats up the body and the heat outside is already too much to handle.

5. Sauces- Sauces like cheese sauce leave us feeling bloated and sluggish. So we must avoid too much sauce consumption.

By avoiding these foods in summer time, you can keep healthy and have a blast in the warm weather. Try to eat light food and keep your body cool.


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