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Monday, June 16, 2014

Healthy Summer Tips

Hey Everybody,

With summer in its full effect and sun burning all of us , it's very important to take precautions to keep ourselves healthy and going.

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It's so hot in Delhi that even 5 minutes in sun can suck all your energy.
Here are some basic tips to keep healthy in Summer Time.

1) Don't wash you face immediately after coming from sun. 
Imagine sprinkling water over hot pan, you are doing the same with you face.

2) Eat 1 tablespoon of olive oil , it has healthy fatty acids which help skin resist UV damage

3) It's very important to exfoliate your face a d body because in summer dead cell skin increases. I have a Recipe for Home Made Scrub .

4) Don't ever go out in sun with wet hair.

5) Take care of your hair, sun can really make them dull. Try out my Home remedies for Frizzy hair , Home made hair Conditioner and Home Made Leave in Conditioner.

6) Don't forget to take care of your eyes. I know you always wear sunglasses in sun but still we need to still take care . Always put some rose water as eye drops in eyes before bed.

7) Don't stand in front of Ac ever , it's super harmful, you will live it for 5 minutes and then give you body pain. By the way if you already have body pain , then here is my Home Remedy for Body Pain

8) Keep a check on all those chills drink , they are just calories , rather indulge in the seasonal fruits like watermelon , cantaloupe, cherries and mangoes.

9) Summer times also means a lot of Mosquito's , bugs and insects . You must be prepared with your mosquito repellent . Here is my DIY Mosquito Repellent

10) Last but not the least , drink as much water as you can. If you are like me who forgets drinks water then make fruit infused water, you will never ever forget drinking water then. Here is my DIY Fruit Infused Water Recipe

11) Eat a lot of Walnuts.

12) Eat Small and frequent meals. Try to limit consumption of alcohol.

13) Make Curd / yogurt a part of your everyday meal . It helps with health, skin and hair. 

14) Apply Sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast 20 minutes before going out so that it gets absorbed completely.

15) Always keep a cotton stole with you to cover yourself up when you go out in sun.

These are few things which I try to follow to keep myself healthy and protected from super duper hot Summer days.


  1. Ahh, this makes me jealous and miss the wonderful Florida weather =(

    Corinne x

  2. Muchas gracias por esos consejos tan importantes. Mil besicos

  3. Very good and practical advices! Kisses!

  4. Wonderful tips, dear. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa, have a nice week...

  5. thank you :) these are excellent tips!

  6. great tips for healthy......
    nice blog.......
    Fashion Mart

  7. Grea tips! Summer is not here where I live yet but I will keep them in mind :)

  8. Great tips! ...Thx for sharing..:-) xx

  9. Great really know your thing my dear Pooja! Great post and thank you :)

  10. Like always I find your tips very useful. I knew a few of them, but too less. Thank for sharing! It looks like in Delhi it's too hot, btw lovely place, I wish some day I could visit it. ;)

  11. Your tips are always very helpful, I,like that you added links to appropriate DIY posts, that's very comfortable, indeed. The main things in summer are to drink much water and stay away from sun, which is both hard to do. I know that we should try to drink at least 2 litter of water, but its so hard to force myself to do that:((((

  12. Really great tips!
    Very useful. :)

    Seli <3

  13. Intersting post: great tips!!!
    Have a great start of the week doll!!!

  14. lovely tips, my dear :D
    tmy fav one ar : exfoliante adn hidrate your body :)

  15. Homemade scrub would be perfect, it's easy and great for the skin. Lovely post dear.

  16. These are super tips doll, happy Monday xx

  17. Great tips. I didn´t know that youghurt is so helpful. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  18. Wow! These are fantastic tips. I did not know about some of these but they will be put to good use this summer. Thanks a lot :)

  19. Awesome tips dear xoxox


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