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Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Health Hazards & their Prevention

Hello everyone,

As people say , excess of everything is bad no matter if it's the warm sun. So today we are going to talk about the health hazards of summer and their prevention's.

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So here are the Summer Health hazards & their prevention's .

1) Heatstroke is common during summer. It causes nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness. You can prevent it by drinking lots of water and staying in shade.

2) Food Poisoning: This is defiantly not fun. To avoid it , make sure you keep your food safe and store it properly. Keep the good cold, refrigerate it and try to eat fresh food.

3) Bug Bites: No only is, but Mosquito's, ants , bees and others insects also come out of hibernation to enjoy summer. Insect bite leads to itching, swelling and pain so make sure to apply a insect repellent before stepping out.

4) Eye Damage: Harsh sunlight and UV rays can damage our eyes , cause irritation and burning sensation so make sure you go out with sunglasses onn.

5) Sun burn and Heat rash : Another common summer issue, too much sun exposer can burn your skin. Sweat ducts can get blacked causing heat rash. To avoid all this wear cotton clothes as they absorbs sweat and try to cover yourself well so that sun rays can't reach your skin directly.

Lastly don't forget to apply a good sunscreen, the one I am loving is Just herbs Sun'nil sunscreen.

So there are all Summer Health hazards & their prevention's . Do enjoy your summer but make sure to take very good care.

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  1. Good tips.. Summer can really be harsh !

    Thats a cool outfit..Love ur style Gal...its sexy !

    Golden Tunic

  2. Good tips.. Summer can really be harsh !

    Thats a cool outfit..Love ur style Gal...its sexy !

    Golden Tunic

  3. I so agree with the tips. Sunblock and sunglasses are a must when I am out.


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